16 – Base Stage Invoice

BankIn my last post I mentioned the slab for our first investment property had been poured and we were now at the ‘base stage complete’ milestone. I also wrote that it was time to pay the base stage invoice of $22k to the builder. Our mortgage broker forwarded a copy of the invoice for signing to authorise payment by the bank (from our main loan).

That would have been great as I’d prefer not to pay anything more than I have to from our line of credit due to its higher interest.

Naturally, things didn’t work out as intended. The bank asked that we pay this first invoice in full as part of our contribution so we had to pay the full amount from the LOC.

Again, not a biggie as it’s there for a reason but it’s amazing how random this process seems—would it not be sensible to expect the bank to provide some sort of payment plan or schedule so we can know what we’ll need to pay and when? Cash flow isn’t a problem thanks to the LOC but I can only imagine it would be for some customers. We had seven days to pay this invoice and I got the invoice paid across two payments with a day to spare, thanks to the bank stuffing around.

Open Wealth mentioned late payments are taken into account should they need to pay the build guarantee or rental guarantee and that’s apart from the fact I do not like being late with payments.

Hopefully the next one will go more smoothly.

I suppose a disclaimer is also worth posting: I'm just a guy, I'm not an accountant, lawyer, solicitor, tax agent, mortgage broker, banker, financial adviser, insurance agent, land developer, builder, government agent, or anything else so I disclaim your application of anything I write here is to be applied at your own risk. What I write may be incorrect and you are best to seek your own professional advice (tax, legal, financial, and otherwise) before entering into contracts or spending your money. Your situation is unique to you and what I write here reflects my experience only. This content is not professional advice and is not tailored to your situation. I'm learning too and expect to make many, many mistakes along the way.



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